About me

I'm Leah and I'm 15 years old.

I'm Leah, a 15-year-old entrepreneur from a small town in New Jersey. In June 2018, I started my bath and body line - Homemade Happiness by Leah. This line is a preservative-free, synthetic dye-free, chemical-free & 100% natural bath and body cosmetic line, founded by a teen entrepreneur. What’s unique about my products is they are all handmade by me in small batches locally, colored with fruits, vegetables & flowers, and each contain an inspiring quote.

I started making my own products when I realized that most big beauty brands that marketed their products as “all natural” still had unhealthy synthetic dyes and fragrances that can potentially lead to cancer.  So, I started testing MY personal view of what it takes to be all natural, and now, I strive to only use fruits, vegetables and flowers to color my products, and bring awareness to the health advantages of all natural colorants.

Every product has an inspirational message inside.

Because I started my business at such a young age, I made it a goal of mine to empower girls in my community and to inspire younger kids who have a big idea too. Every single one of my products has an inspirational quote inside, in order to spread happiness & positivity.